Dazhi Yin

Hello! I’m Ritual Tattoo’s Manga and Anime tattoo artist. When I was a kid, I was a manga fanatic, always seen with my hands full of textbooks covered in anime characters rather than academic notes. My teachers used to say I was wasting time, but looking back now, I was actually in training! It’s mind-boggling how I’ve turned these years of “training” into a profession!

As a tattoo artist, I’m like a superhero creating visual miracles through strokes, lines, expressions, and chiaroscuro. This job has led me to meet many manga and anime enthusiasts. The ability to engrave their favorite heroes, princesses, mysterious creatures, or any comic characters onto their skin, feels like a kind of happiness and life’s purpose to me.

However, mangas are not my entire world. You might be surprised to find that I am also a fervent lover of music and exercise. Guitar, bass, drums – just as I handle each tattoo line, I can play enchanting tunes. Fitness is my go-to therapy to maintain a good mental state. These interests have also brought me deeper connections with many clients, where we are not only tattoo artist and customer, but also friends.

In summary, I’m a tattoo artist filled with creativity, passion, and love for life. Whether you love anime, enjoy music, are into fitness, or just want an interesting tattoo artist, feel free to send me a booking request!