Lorenzo Boldini

Hello! I’m Lorenzo, an Italian tattoo artist currently living in America. When I was in Italy I was a professional soccer player for 12 years. In 2018, I picked up a tattoo machine for fun. I kept practicing up until I got a job as an artist in a tattoo studio. I’ve moved to different cities in Italy over the years continuing my soccer profession and jumping from one tattoo studio to the next. I started to feel that my desire to grow as a tattoo artist was becoming more intense and in 2023, after suffering a serious injury, I decided to give up my soccer career at the age of 31 and dedicate myself completely to the art of tattooing. I combined the desire to travel and my passion for tattooing and moved here – to the US! Currently, I am still searching for my style because so far I love them all but I am definitely inspired by neo-traditional and realistic artists. I love to do the design process together, with the client, and find the best way to express what the client wants through the tattoo!

Feel free to send me a booking request if you want a unique tattoo made just for you! Ciao!