Morpheus Ravenna

I specialize in tattoo design inspired by ancient art forms, especially Celtic and Viking styles, and am known for fine linework and crisp ornamental detail, as well as painterly work, especially feathers and wings. I have a passion for ritual tattooing and feel that tattooing is a potent art that can be initiatory, healing, and empowering, helping us to live more authentically and be sovereign in our beautiful skins. Tattooing is a sacred art in so many cultures worldwide, and it was this sacredness that inspired me to become a ritual tattoo artist and seek to bring some of that sacredness and sense of ritual back into the modern tattoo industry. To me, RITUAL means an act infused with meaning which becomes a touchstone to remind us of what matters most, as our tattoos become indelible living artworks that enshrine stories, memories, intentions, and spells into our bodies. I strive to bring a queer, feminist, anti-racist, and decolonizing ethos to my tattooing practice and I believe all bodies are worthy of adornment. Two words that describe me: compassionate and fierce.

I’m a lifelong artist, and in addition to my tattooing work, I paint and illustrate in ink, watercolor and oils, and I blend art and ritual through the creation of sigils, bindrunes, talismans and other ritual artworks. I’ve been tattooing since 2010, and I was trained by Idexa Stern of Black & Blue Tattoo, a legend in the Bay Area.