Pei Liew

Hello! My name is Pei and it’s pronounced “pay” as in “payday”. I’m a new artist inspired by art and design history, film, architecture, science, nature, and more. I am honing a style that combines realism and surrealism, with illustrative and graphic motifs and look forward to collaborating with you to bring your ideas to life!

Creativity has been part of my life since day one. I recently stumbled across a kindergarten report card that said “Pei spends long periods of time on her art projects” and that just about sums up the decades that followed. As a kid I was always drawing and making things out of paper – costumes, slides for my marbles, you name it. I left the Bay Area to go to school in LA for graphic design and then worked in that field for 7 years. My jobs took me across the country to New York, then Portland, and then back to New York. While I learned a lot, it always felt like something was missing. During this time I picked up a few Bic pens and began to draw again as a creative outlet.

I had dreamed of tattooing for a long time since I loved getting tattoos and I loved drawing – but always wrote it off as something one dreams about but never actually does. After some pandemic-life-reevaluation and encouragement from loved ones, here I am. I love working with my hands and find so much fulfillment in working with my clients to adorn their bodies.