Wryly Fable

With an insatiable interest in the arts of self expression, Wryly Fable delights in bringing life to your ideas through the art of tattooing. After a childhood of quiet yet fierce dedication to her own artistic expression, she was drawn to the tattooing arts as a way to connect to others. Her favorite aspect of her work is designing a tattoo that deeply represents the tattoo’s meaning in an elegant way. She most enjoys the joy on the face of a client when they see their idea expressed in a way they couldn’t voice on their own.

Not every tattoo reveals it’s meaning upon first glance, as many lessons can be hidden in the petals of a flower. With this in mind, Wryly focuses her tattooing arts on floral designs, illustrative story telling, and nature themed art. She strives to design her tattoos onto your body’s unique shape with an elegant flow, accentuating your beauty with cleanliness, contrast and delicacy. Her specialty is freehand designs, tattoos crafted right onto the skin starting with a marker. These tattoos capture the unique flow of an individual’s body becoming very personalized.

Being tattooed is an art that demands vulnerability, not just the needlework, but the entire process. Not only does it asks you to understand yourself and be at peace with what you find, it requires one more step, where you share your truth with the world. Tattooing, Wryly believes, is a ritual to honor your personal growth.